Bridal Tiaras
Add a touch of classic elegance to your wedding hair by adding a wedding tiara. Bridal Gems have a range of silver and gold tiaras with pearls, crystals or sparkling rhinestones. There's classic vintage and modern contemporary styles to choose from and they're sure to add impact to your hair style.

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  • Side Tiaras
    A mesmerising side tiara from Bridal Gems can add a touch of classic charm to your wedding hair. Whether you choose one of our petite or more striking styles you're sure to get the look you want.
  • Head Bands
    If you're thinking of a tiara or side tiara but want something a little more understated, why not consider a stylish headband.
    Headbands give you the feel and look of a tiara with a chic elegance, perfect for every hair style. Many of our headbands can be made with custom colours to match your wedding theme.
  • Low Tiaras
    Bridal Gems low tiaras are perfect for Bridesmaids or brides who want a delicate less over powering style. Many of the tiaras can be customised with your colour choice to add a personal touch, unique to you.
  • Medium Tiaras
    With both classic and modern styles, a medium height tiara from Bridal Gems is sure to add sparkle and charm to any hair style. The dazzling beauty of these stunning pieces will leave you feeling like a princess.
  • High Tiaras
    When you need a bigger look our high tiaras are perfect. They look stunning and can add dramatic charm to your wedding hair style.
  • Comb Tiaras
    These combs can be worn like a tiara on the side or back of the hair. They're perfect if you find a traditional tiara or headband uncomfortable and bestow an effortless elegance to your wedding hair-do.